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Unauthorised Visitors in Estate Blocks

In light of recent security concerns, we would like to remind all residents across the FCHS TMO to remain vigilant and exercise caution when allowing access to their block.

It has come to our attention that unknown individuals are gaining unauthorised access to the blocks, posing a potential risks to the safety and security of all residents. In order to maintain a safe living environment for everyone, we kindly ask for your cooperation in implementing the following measures –

Do Not Hold Open Doors – Please refrain from holding doors open for individuals who do not have their own access key or fob. This includes unfamiliar persons attempting to enter the building behind you.

Parcel and Food Deliveries – If you are not expecting a parcel or food delivery, please refrain from letting people into the block.

Report Suspicious Activity – If you notice any suspicious individuals loitering around the premises or behaving in a manner that raises concern, please report it immediately to the Police on 101 or 999 depending on the severity.

Use Common Areas Wisely – Please be mindful of security risks and avoid propping open entrance doors or leaving valuables unattended.

By working together and remaining vigilant, we can help ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in our community. Your cooperation in adhering to these security measures is greatly appreciated.

A Rough Sleeper - Sleeping in Your Block

What to do if you see a rough sleeper in your block. Initially you can contact StreetLink that connects people experiencing homelessness with the local support available to them. Their local outreach team will then visit the reported location to see if they can offer them any assistance.  This is not an immediate service.

In the case of seeing a rough sleeper in your block during office hours please contact the TMO Housing Officer will contact the Metropolitan Police and the rough sleeping team who will attend and move them along.

If it is out of TMO office hours please contact the Metropolitan Police on 101 or 999 depending on the seriousness who will send their local community safety officers to remove them.  The Southwark Council cleaning services contractors are then sent to remove any items.

If the person is abusive or showing signs of being aggressive, please call the Metropolitan Police immediately on 101 or 999 – depending on the seriousness of the situation and do not approach the person.

Installing a Smart Meter

If a resident has arranged for a electric smart meter to be installed in their home – please take note of the following information for an electrician to have access to the intake cupboard in your block:

  • Please contact the FCHS TMO office at least 48 hours (notice) before your appointment either by telephone or email so we can open up the intake cupboard on time.
  • An intake cupboard will only be opened after 9am during a normal working day.
  • The FCHS TMO staff can only open an intake cupboard – we do not store or have access to keys for any locked Ryefield distribution board cabinets.
  • All intake cupboards are locked promptly at 4:00pm (subject to change at Christmas and New Year).
  • No intake cupboard is allowed to be kept open over night or at the weekend.
  • No intake cupboard keys are loaned to any resident or utility provider contractor.



FCHS Repairs - Responsibilities

The Fair Community Housing  Services TMO is responsible  for repairs not replacements:

• Plumbing in dwelling.
• Landlords plumbed fittings.
• Hot water systems and heating including boilers.
• Common parts of properties.
• Electrical services from the meter.
• Landlords internal fixtures and fittings.
• Re-glaze broken windows to dwellings which breakages are not due to damage or neglect by the tenant.
• External windows, window frames, doors and door frames.
• Boiler inspections.
• Notices, noticeboards, store sheds and facilities, the cleaning and removal of graffiti.
• Roads and parking areas not adopted for maintenance by the council under it`s statutory power as a highways authority.
• Cleaning of communal parts.

Please note:  Tenants are responsible for items such as plugs and chains to baths, hand basins and sinks, toilet seats and anything they have installed themselves.

Southwark Council Repairs - Responsibilities

Southwark Council is responsible for replacements:

• Lifts.
• External structure of building.
• Roof structures and coverings.
• Door entry systems.
• Rain water systems.
• Surface waters and foul sewers.
• Estate parking.
• Water mains from supply pipe to meter.
• Floors including joists and floorboards.
• All underground services.
• All window replacements.
• External lighting.
• Cyclical maintenance.

Southwark Council - Communal Repairs

Southwark Council is responsible for communal repairs and includes lifts, the external structure of the buildings, roof structures and roofing, communal door entry systems, rain water systems , surface water systems (downpipes, drains, etc.) and external lighting (estate and block lighting).

The FCHS carry out scheduled estate inspections and report any communal repairs directly to Southwark Council.

If a resident notices anything that needs to be repaired report it to the FCHS TMO office us in the first instance and we will report the matter.  Southwark Council post communal breakdowns notices – planned and unplanned outages on their estates.


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