The Estate

Fair Community Housing Services Limited (FCHS) is a community-led management organization responsible for seven estates

located in the North of the London Borough of Southwark, situated along Tooley Street between London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Our management area consists of the following :

The age and makeup of our estates vary widely, ranging from Victorian built flats in blocks to 60’s built estates. In total, we manage 557 properties, of which about half is owned by the Southwark Council and another half is owned by private individuals (leaseholders).


  • Devon Mansions flats 1-180 and 331-489
  • St Johns Estate flats 1-79
  • St Olaves Estate flats 1-61
  • Lewes House flats 1-32
  • Coxson Way flats 1-23
  • Fair Street flats 1-18, 24
  • Hartland House flats 1-5


  • Fair Street                   1-11
  • Coxson Way               1-23
  • St Johns Estate           A-M (excluding I)
  • Lewes house               A-J

Other Properties

  • Drying rooms in Devon Mansions

Parking Bays

  • St Johns Estate           1-25