Subletting/Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy fraud
The council has a limited number of houses available to let and lettings are prioritised according to housing needs.

Tenancy fraud involves obtaining properties by deception (for example, individuals claiming to be homeless when they already own a property or are already living at an address), or continuing to claim to be living at a property when they have moved out and sublet it.

We have a duty to house certain vulnerable members of society (e.g. children), and are often forced to use bed and breakfast facilities due to a shortage of council housing.

In addition, families or individuals on the housing waiting list are denied housing because people are using the council properties for profit or simply queue jumping.

Fraudulently obtaining council housing or subletting for personal gain uses up precious resources that should be available to families in need.

If you know of anyone subletting or taking possession of a property fraudulently, please inform the housing investigation team on 020 7525 4686 or by using the online fraud report form.