Make a Complaint

The TMO believe that all residents have the right to the quiet enjoyment of their homes, free of noise, annoyance, disturbance and harassment. Upholding this right is an important responsibility for the TMO.

The TMO takes nuisance, harassment and anti-social behaviour very seriously and will take whatever effective action against perpetrators as it deems appropriate. This action may be taken with other individuals and organisations and may involve criminal or civil prosecution in the form of criminal proceedings, injunctions or possession of property.

Please refer to our Making a Complaint for more details on how we deal with and process your complaints.

Pay Your Rent

Fair Community housing Services is responsible for collecting rent from the residents that live on the estate. This is done by directing tenants to pay their rent directly into the Council's rent account. The Council and Fair Community Housing do regular reconcilliation to monitor rent collection levels.

Use the  secure online payment system to pay your council tax, rates, rent, parking fines or other service charges and invoices.

Debit and credit card details are encrypted (coded) and are not retained in the system. The server on which they are held has been certified for security by the council's bank.

Make a payment for any council service using our secure online system. Available 24/7.

Always close your browser session after a failed payment attempt if you are not intending to continue and retry immediately.

You will need the following information for both phone and internet transactions:

  •   Your payment reference number. This may be your rent account number, council tax account number, PCN number and car registration details or invoice number
  • Your debit or credit card number including your 3 or 4 digit security code as shown on the back of the card
  • Your address
  • Your email address (optional)

Payments made will normally show on a customer's account the following working day. You can print a receipt after the transaction has been completed as proof of payment