Our Staff

We are very fortunate to have a group of dedicated staff to deliver exclusive housing services for the residents that live on the estate.


Our staff are positive and forward looking. Check out who they are and what they think of our organisation.

Abiola Olatunji – Interim Estate Manager

Ade Adams – Repairs Supervisor

Mark Barrell – Housing Officer

Svetlana Molodcova – Finance Officer

Sean Dubbuisson – Support & Monitoring Officer

Adekali Kamara – Repairs Operative

Ibrahim Sesay- Repairs Operative

The Management Committee

Our Rules allow us to elect 15 members to form the management committee. The management board determines the overall strategic direction of the organisation. Our current board comprises of:

Patricia Strobino – Chair

Kenneth Higgins – Vice Chair

Teddy Amoyaw – Treasurer

Vanessa Shone – Secretary

Angela Simpson – Board Member

Phillipa Ferreira De Carvalho- Board Member

Kathy Atkins – Board Member

Oteng Asabre – Board Member

The History And Legal Basis

Since the Nineties, central and local government have invited local people to take a more active role in managing their communities by creating Tenant

Management Organisations  with delegated management and maintenance responsibilities. FCHS was created in 2004 as a part of this trend.

FCHS is a Friendly Society registered under the provisions of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, the aims and objectives of the company are for the benefit of the community.

The governing documents of FCHS are the Modular Management Agreement(MMA) and the Rules. The MMA is an agreement between the Southwark Council and FCHS bywhich means the Council appoints FCHS as its agent to carry out certain housing management functions. The MMA is a comprehensive  legal document which regulates the many aspects of delivering housing services by FCHS, and describes the relationship with Southwark Council and its tenants. The MMA can only be changed by an agreement between FCHS and the Council.

The Rules of FCHS is a much more concise document which sets out the governance structure of the organisation. It outlines the procedures for the membership of FCHS, its meetings, the powers of the Housing Committee etc. The Rules of FCHS can be only be  changed by members at a General Meeting.


FCHS is a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO). In short, this means that FCHS is an organization run by the residents and for the residents;

FCHS is an independent company working in partnership with Southwark Council.

Anyone who lives in the above-listed properties, council tenants, leaseholders or private tenants alike, can become a member of FCHS.

The membership fee is a one-off payment of 10p. At the annual general meeting, FCHS elects a Housing Committee of 6-12 members. The members of the Committee are local residents who volunteer to donate some of their time towards the running of the estate.

The Committee employs staff to carry out the day to day running of management services on the estate.

The Committee’s role is to determine the strategic direction of the company and to guide staff towards achieving our goals and objectives.

Our Rules attached below defines our business objectives and the governance structure of the company