Annual General Meeting 2020

Dear Resident,


Annual General Meeting (AGM) notice & Nominations to the Management Committee

On behalf of Fair Community Housing Services TMO, I write to invite you to the AGM of Fair Community Housing Services Ltd (FCHS) to be held on Thursday 24 September 2020 at 6pm.


Due to COVID-19, our 2020 AGM will be held exclusively by virtual means with the use of Zoom conferencing. It means that through the use of a device (phone, laptop, tablet or desktop PC) you will be able to join this year’s meeting from the comfort of your home!


We are mindful that the adoption of a virtual meeting may present a challenge for some residents. Some of the steps being taken to address this include sending out the notice for this meeting earlier than usual.  Also, our operational team will also be reaching out to residents to provide support and guidance in the use of Zoom conferencing where needed.


You are asked to contact the housing office to confirm your attendance at the virtual meeting. You will need to confirm either your email address or mobile number so as to ensure that we are able to share an electronic Zoom link for you to join the meeting.


Please note details, with the zoom link, for the meeting as shown below:


Event:            FCHS Annual General Meeting
Date:             Thursday, 24 September 2020

Time:             6pm


Join Zoom Meeting (cut and paste into your web browser)


AGM 2020


At our 2020 AGM we will be bringing you up to date with our recent improvements and current developments over the last 12 months. The Management Committee has been reviewing its policies and procedures to ensure the organisation is strongly positioned to meet the current challenges posed by COVID-19. Thanks to our team, FCHS continue to deliver the best possible service in spite of the operational challenges posed by the pandemic.


Management committee/New members welcome


FCHS exist to make our estates a better placed to live. We seek committee members that bring new skills and ideas to value to the Management Committee and subsequently our operational team. The committee meets once a month in the evening for about two hours.  Their role is to provide strategic direction for the organisation and ensure we obtain value for money.  As a Committee Member, you have the opportunity to work on behalf of fellow residents in setting the priorities for our estates.


Want to join/nomination form


If you want to join the Committee then please complete the Nominations Form attached and return it to FCHS at Horselydown Offices, 2 Fair Street, London SE1 2XA or alternatively email it to no later than Thursday 10 September 2020.  You will need to have a neighbour add their name with their signature on the form in order to second you.  It is a requirement of FCHS’ Management Agreement that all nominations are formally made at the AGM.  Where there are more nominations received compared to the number of places available, members present at the AGM will be required to vote for their preference to determine how these are filled.


The main items of business at the AGM will be as follows:


  1. Minutes of the last AGM 2019.
  2. Presentation of 2019/20’s Final Accounts and Reports by the Board.
  3. Appointment of auditor.
  4. Vote on resolution that the TMO continue managing the properties under the terms of the Management Agreement.
  5. Election of Committee members.
  6. Planned Capital Works at FCHS – LBS Major Works
  7. Police report – An update.
  8. Other items to be added closer to the date
  9. AOB

I look forward to seeing you there.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Cadwallader

 Chair, FCHS