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FCHS is a Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).  In short, this means that FCHS is an organisation run by the residents and for the residents;

FCHS is an independant company working in partnership with Southwark Council.

Anyone who lives in the above listed properties, council tenants, leaseholders or private tenants alike, can become a member of FCHS.

The membership fee is a one-off payment of 10p.  At the annual general meeting, FCHS elects a Housing Committee of 6-12 members. The members of the Committee are local residents who volunteer to donate some of their time towards the running of the estate.

The Committee employs staff to carry out the day to day running of management services on the estate.

The Committee's role is to determine the strategic direction of the company and to guide staff towards acheiving our goals and objectives.

Our Rules attached below defines our business objectives and the governance structure of the company

Download this file (FCHS Rules.pdf)FCHS Rules.pdf[ ]